5 Places You Must See In Indianapolis Indiana


Indianapolis may not be on your list of the top places to visit but you may want to reconsider that option.  It is filled with a vibrant night life and many options of activities.  The best time of year to visit Indianapolis, IN is during May.  The summer is just getting started and of course they have the biggest spectacle in racing at that time….The Indy 500!  You can visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway anytime of year but the month of May is like no other.  There will be plenty of race fans around and some of them are quite the party crowd.  Visiting the auto museum within the Speedway is well worth your time.  you will be able to see the racecars of many of the winners of past races and learn a bit about the history of how it all began.

While you are at the track you might as well get a good game of golf in.  They have a fantastic course appropriately named “The Brickyard” after the row of bricks you pass as you cross the finish line at the 500.  In the past the entire track was made of bricks but as time went on they covered them in asphalt.  All of this you can learn at the museum by the way.  The golf course is a stunning par 72 course and it has held some professional golf tournaments in the past.  Mostly from the seniors events.

Your weekend would not be complete without heading to the downtown area and checking out Victory Field.  This ballpark is home to the Indianapolis Indians.  They are the minor league team to the Cincinnati Reds.  Victory Field has been voted the best minor league ballpark in America and rightly so.  It is state of the art and the ticket prices are easy on the wallet.  The stadium is in the heart of downtown Indy.  You can see the entire skyline if you are facing east in your seats.  Also, after every Indian win they will have a small fireworks show which is a very nice touch.

Surprisingly, Indianapolis has a fairly large following of psychics and mediums in the city.  You have one of the largest organizations of psychics in the country with Indy Psychic Network.  They offer some of the cheapest psychic readings on the internet and you can visit them in person as well.  After the game you may head over and get a psychic reading Indianapolis from one of the top mediums in the country.

Finally, you should check out the fabulous museums that Indianapolis has to offer such as the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the State Museum and the Children’s Museum.  There is something for the entire family.  Of the three I prefer the Museum of Art.  They have everything from classic art featuring famous artists to contemporary pieces that make you think “is this really art?”.   At least that’s how I see it : ).  The Children’s Museum is always a fun place to visit.  They have a lot of interesting science exhibits and dinosaur fossils.  So head over to Indianapolis for the weekend and you will be certain to have a lot of activities to choose from.  You will be glad you made the trip.