What To Do When Traveling To Thailand on a Budget

Everyone likes saving money.  When traveling that is especially the case, you want to stay in the nicest place for the longest time possible at the most affordable price.  One of the best destinations to travel to when on a budget is Thailand.  It is a premier travel spot in Southeast Asia and Bangkok is the city that has garnered the most attention.

Thailand has so much to offer from lush jungles, fantastic beaches, great cuisine, and top of the line diving all for super cheap prices.  For those of you who are backpackers and like to get off the beaten path Thailand will not disappoint.  Getting accommodations in Thailand is cheap as in $10 a night cheap.  Although it does depend on where in Thailand you are staying.  The northern region is going to be less expensive than Bangkok and the southern islands.  However, you can still find a very nice room in Bangkok for about $20.  Want to step up your game and stay in a bungalow on the beach then expect to shell out about $60 per night.

Food is ridiculously cheap in Thailand compared to the United States.  In fact your average meal is going to cost you less than $1.50.  If you plan on staying at a hostel and are on a tight budget, I would set aside about $25 to $35 per day.  This will more than cover the things you need and allow you to go out and enjoy the sites.  Thailand money is the Baht and for every US dollar you can get about 32 Baht at the current exchange rate.

The best way to travel in Thailand on a budget is to do what the locals do.  Travel on the bus, eat from food vendors in the streets and not in restaurants and drink the local beer from the 7 elevens which are everywhere.  Another tip to save money is to plan your excursions when you get there and not with a travel agency.  The travel agencies will mark the tours up considerably.  Of course, they need to make money as well. Some of the things that I did when I went to Thailand was zipline, take tours of the jungle, and I stayed in a hut at night that was over the water on the beach.  The hut was a little bit pricey (at least for Thailand standards) but it was well worth it.

Be on the lookout for happy hours.  They will often have two for one drink specials which are awesome.  Bangkok and Chaing Mai are two places that I would make sure you have on your list when visiting this country.  You will not be disappointed.  Until next time, happy travels.